The 5 elements

It is in the nature that we find the 5 elements with their real materials manifestations


Each element is a manifestation of construction, depletion and destruction them. For example, the element Water nourishes, regenerates one symbolized by the wood at the same time, the water can be destroyed by the Earth element. These reports of depletion, destruction and construction, between elements also govern our private and commercial interiors.

In concrete terms, the five elements provide information about the flow of Chi, this vital energy and the energies that surround us. Therefore Elements help us to make best use these energies to better allocate depending on whether you want to give calm, creative and stimulating in your living room, bedroom… But in all cases, it is essential to seek the balance!

To achieve a good expertise, it should also take into consideration the character of the person, the people; so as not to exacerbate an element already marked his personality in his environment. Be avoided in the interior of a person with a dominant Fire to pull too Water element as water extinguishes fire. Conversely, a sad person, not very expressive, where the light is insufficient presence, opt for bright lights, red objects, without excess of the element Water.

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