The Pa Kua

According to some translations, Pa Kua or Bagua is one of the key analytical tools of Feng Shui. If we identify weaknesses or abnormalities in an interior, Pa Kua used to identify its areas and ask the appropriate actions to transform your environment.

Pa Kua is composed of eight trigrams which combine eight cardinal points: north, south, east, west, north-east…
Each trigram is also one of the eight aspirations in the area of life: wealth and prosperity, recognition and fame, marriage and love, children, mentors and communication, career, education and knowledge, family and health.

Once Pa Kua tool is placed on the plan of your home, each sector can be activated by a different element that we call “cure”. More specifically, each zone is activated by its own components: element, color, shape or symbol.

If this work is not done, it will create an evil being, most of the time unconscious, which will have a negative effect on the life of the concerned area.

A young woman wants to find a mate. The Feng Shui expert analyses where the relationship sector is located in the apartment. Expert will activate this relationship area for that person has all the odds in his favor. Sometimes, the expert can also move some objects that are in the area in question and block, slow down the opportunity to find her soul mate.

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