Where does the Feng Shui come from ?

The term Feng Shui comes from Chinese, which means water and wind… Two of the indispensable elements to the human and its survival.

There are about 5 thousand years; this discipline task was to improve the quality of life, ensuring optimal flow of Chi energy in the environment. During the first centuries, palaces, mansions were built by experts who would even travel the countryside to find the best locations. All this is to bring well-being and prosperity to their emperors. It was not until the early second thousand BC that this practice is beginning to democratize turning to the popular homes.

In the Europe, since fifteen years, the Feng Shui is known to individuals and also with professionals from large companies, banks, hotels, restaurants… The Feng Shui landscapes the interior and exterior of a habitat, a shop or a company, in order to optimize the flow of energy and to improve the quality of life. Calling a Feng Shui expert, you will see a different eye your home and you will discover how the layout of your inner little influence your work, your relationships… And very soon you will discover the relationship between the obstacles in your physical space with those that arise in your life. Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui is a discipline that fits all styles of furniture. If your home is contemporary or old, the expert adapts and always finds solutions.

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