The origins

Where does the Feng Shui come from ?

The term Feng Shui comes from Chinese, which means water and wind… Two of the indispensable elements to the human and its survival. There are about 5 thousand years; this discipline task was to improve the quality of life, ensuring optimal flow of Chi energy in the environment. During the first centuries, palaces, mansions were […]

The Chi

We could say that Chinese acupuncture is to the body what Feng Shui is within us. The acupuncturist is responsible for circulating the energy; the Chi restores its vitality in the body. The Feng Shui expert is responsible for circulating the Chi in our living space. In our environment, the quality of Chi is nourished […]

The ying and the yang

Often, we limit the feminine and masculine, the woman is yin and yang is man. But also we could find in nature. A freshwater pool is Yin energy but we receive Yang energy from a waterfall. Nature perfectly combines the balance! All the subtlety of success or maintain this balance within ourselves or our workplace. […]

The 5 elements

It is in the nature that we find the 5 elements with their real materials manifestations FIRE EARTH METAL WATER WOOD Each element is a manifestation of construction, depletion and destruction them. For example, the element Water nourishes, regenerates one symbolized by the wood at the same time, the water can be destroyed by the […]

The Pa Kua

According to some translations, Pa Kua or Bagua is one of the key analytical tools of Feng Shui. If we identify weaknesses or abnormalities in an interior, Pa Kua used to identify its areas and ask the appropriate actions to transform your environment. Pa Kua is composed of eight trigrams which combine eight cardinal points: […]

The flying star

A Feng Shui expertise without flying stars would not be an accomplished and complete analysis! In Feng Shui, the nature and quality of the energy landscape and homes depend on the physical environment, the earth but also the heavens, that is in other words of passing time and the stars. The term flying stars may […]

The geobiology

Often forgotten or neglected before making constructions of houses or move into a new place of residence, Geobiology may have certain impact on both the health and psychism of people. Hence the importance, when it is possible to study the land before building! These negative nuisances’ residents are numerous: fatigue, insomnia, stress, unhappiness, depression, aggression, […]

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