Rodolf du Finistere

Merci Annaïg pour tes précieux conseils que je termine d’appliquer.
J’ai apprécié ton approche positive et ton empathie.
La clarification et l’expertise Feng Shui ont débloqués certaines choses en une semaine. Il me reste encore quelques préconisations à mettre en oeuvre et ensuite il faudra laisser le temps au temps !
Je te tiens au courant.


Suite à votre venue dans nos bureaux, nous avons aussitôt appliqué vos recommandations. Au bout de quelques jours, des situations sur certains projets se sont améliorés et nous avons eu de nouveaux contacts pour de potentiels projets. Nous avons hâte de voir la suite des événements.

Accord Tonique

Merci Annaïg,
Nous avons eu un trés bon contact . Annaïg sait donner les solutions nécessaires sans révolutionner tout l’espace du bureau où travaillent 6 personnes.J’ai mis immédiatement certaines propositions en pratique…
et les choses ont déjà bougé : Nouveaux contacts, nouvelles propositions de collaborations…

Joseph from Réunion island

I wanted to say THANK YOU. Thank you for your valuable advice, I got the job for which I could and had applied !!

Caroline from Haut Rhin

Thank you for your research and follow-up.

Hope to see you here or elsewhere …
Good luck on your side and thank you for your beautiful energy you off!
Bonne continuation de votre côté et encore merci pour votre belle énergie que vous dégager !

Bien à vous.

Fabienne d’Asie

Hello Annaïg,

I think of you often. Here, you’will be happy to see how much our leves have changed since your visit :
– Martin, my youngest son has good resukts at school. He is happy and has a good teacher.
– Ludovic, my eldest son plays for three football teams, just that…some coaches are interested in him and his future…
– My husband found his manager and he stay more at home. And now, he make meditation.

Kiss, Fabienne

Laura de Bretagne

Hello Annaïg,
Just a quick note to thank you for your service to the parent’s home. My mother was appreciated and we hope i twill bring long life in this house.

Marie C from Quimper

I contacted you because i don’t sleep in my new house.
After your expertis, the result was immediate. I finally found a soothing sleep.
Thank you.

Alice from Paris

It’s only been five days, you came and already i appreciate tranquility in my house.
My son « Charles » is suprisingly calm since we moved his bed and made easier its duties homeworks since his office moved.
So, my eldest daughter is less aggressive towards his brther who is now meore temperate.
That happiness ! Thank you for you job and advice.

Emma and Julie from Rennes

Since your visit, our shop attracts more people, and we arrive at customer loyalty. Hope this continues! Thank you for your planning boards.