The prestations

The Feng shui for individuals

An individual who may require a Feng Shui expert, is someone who has difficulty in their family life, personal life or professional life. Feng Shui will help them understand and identify where the blockages are but also to determine the areas where positive energy can flow freely. Then secondly, the expert will restore harmony and […]

The Feng shui for business

Feng Shui can apply without exception, to all trades: hotels, beauty salons, spas, restaurants, shops, clothing stores, doctor’s offices, law firms, etc…. Today, the business world uses more and more Feng Shui experts to intervene in different areas, improving their sales, building customer loyalty and to improve teamwork. Conduct a Feng Shui and Geobiology expertise […]

The Home Standing by Feng shui

The Feng Shui Home Standing mode is especially designed for people who wish to sell their property. Sometimes, we see that the houses or apartments have difficulty finding a buyer eventhough the location is outstanding. We also see some houses that have the reputation of being home to divorce! The intervention of a Feng Shui […]

The geobiology

If you feel pain in your body, fatigue that does not have to exist or have problems sleeping , you may want a Geobiology expert to assess your home or your place of work to identify the cause. The expert will do an analysis of your soil to bring in your living a wellness and […]

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